Meet Gary

A lifetime spent living in Kingston and four terms as elected politician spanning the course of three decades has made Gary a passionate and experienced advocate for informed change and sustainable growth.

As a former two term mayor of Kingston, a member of City Council and a member of many citywide boards and organizations, Gary has a realistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges that face Kingstonians and Ontarians alike. As a small business owner who has raised his family in the city, he also knows the importance of putting people first — and this is at the core of his vision for our future.

It’s time to get involved.

Now, more than ever, we need a pragmatic and passionate approach to politics. Look around: the solutions put forth by Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Government of Ontario have not only been short-sighted, but they’ve come at a hefty cost. Spiralling debt, unaffordable hydro rates, billions in waste, a floundering public education system and hallway-medicine have left millions of Ontarians struggling to secure an adequate quality of life.

And adequate isn’t enough. We can do better. Ontarians deserve better.

Support Gary Bennett as MPP for Kingston and the Islands and join the fight to unleash Ontario’s potential.

Kingston and the Islands can play a leading role in advocating for a better way to govern and care for the people of Ontario. We have the institutions of higher learning, the expertise and the people that can change Ontario. What we need is a strong voice at Queen’s Park to represent our community’s potential and Ontario’s future. Gary has the knowledge and experience that will work in partnership with our community to advocate for that change.

Please signup and GET INVOLVED. We need your help to make a change.

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