Running as your MPP candidate for Kingston and the Islands has been a pleasure, and I want to thank you all for making it happen. As a lifelong resident of Kingston who's worked here, raised my family here and been in elected office here for four terms (two as mayor), it’s an honour to be afforded the opportunity to represent my region as we work toward a brighter future for us all.

Responsible, Respectful Government

My time in office has given me both the experience and the collaborative style to ideate and implement workable solutions to the challenges we face in this riding.

Kingston and the Islands has leaders in virtually every sector --- health care, education, technology and more. Let’s bring these bright minds together to create solutions that work here, and then we can also share our ideas with other communities. Our strengths and successes can be Ontario’s -- and with provincial debts and deficits at an all-time high, we need all the strength we can get.

A Clear Vision, Collaboration

Multiple collaborations are already under way locally; all we need to do is turn them loose, give them decision-making responsibility and resources to ‘make it happen’. As your MPP, I will be putting people first, and this means I won’t wait complacently for the province to decide what we can do with our money and resources. It’s our region, and we know it best.

I believe change starts locally, and with your support, it can start now.

Get involved!

Volunteer. Vote. Shape the future of your region, and your province.