I'm in your area and I want to meet you! As your PC MPP candidate for Kingston and the Islands, I am your advocate for positive change for our region, and our province.

A more accountable government. A brighter future for Ontario.

We find ourselves in an equally disheartening and empowering position. For 15 years, we’ve waited for the Liberal government to deliver on their promises, and for 15 years, we’ve been disappointed. Now, we’re paying the price.

We’re billions of dollars in debt, suffering from a crippled healthcare system, an underwhelming public education system, and an increasingly astronomical cost of living where our most vulnerable Ontarians suffer the most. Another term with the Liberals will mean more debt, more tax increases, and more broken promises.

But we’re also in a place of empowerment.

We know what we’re up against. The Liberals have so blatantly abused their power and our trust that they’ve left no room for doubt: these are not the people we want running the show.

We need a government that puts people first; that understands that promises made need to be promises delivered. We also need a government that’s capable of taking action, fixing existing problems now instead of moving on and hoping that the issues disappear--- or that people will forget. We won’t.

A little bit about me...

I’ve lived in Kingston my whole life, attending highschool and university here, and then working in my family business, Bennett’s Foods (est. 1917). It was my love for this city and belief in its merits that spurred me into public office, where I served four terms: first as an elected member of Kingston City Council for two terms, and then as the Mayor of Kingston for two terms.

I’ve raised my family in Kingston, and I believe there is no better place in which to live, run a business and raise a family -- but we’re at risk of losing so much of what makes us remarkable if we don’t take a stand for our region, and our province.

Get Involved

Change starts with you. You can be a part of shaping a stronger Ontario, and more accountable government. Vote. Become a volunteer. When we meet, share your thoughts. We need to come together and be champions for the Ontario we need, and deserve.