Ontario is at a crossroads and we have a rather simple choice before us:

ARE we going to continue to double down on the policies and spending that have taken us to 312 billion dollars in debt?


ARE we going to finally elect someone that will represent the people, balance the budget and not saddle the next generation with even more debt?

I want to be clear: when I talk about balancing the budget, I’m not talking about reductions in services, nor I am suggesting we abandon approaches that continue to work well. I’m also not talking about adding new, unnecessary services.

Ontario has the potential for growth as well as the capacity to balance the budget without losing the existing services. Still, even with this potential for surpluses readily available right now, the NDP and Liberals are doubling down on debt, introducing BILLIONS in new spending -- all while taking us closer to the brink of default.

They are doing this by borrowing, raising costs for small business --- that ultimately flow through to consumer purchases --- and increasing taxes. Sound like a familiar tactic? Sadly, it is.

We’ve been here before, back in 1993, we had the NDP Rae Days. The NDP ballooned the deficit from 35.4B to 90.7B in just four years. Ontario was told by rating agencies to dramatically cut spending or face significant interest rate increases. Rae gave into the bondholders and introduced what they called the “Social Contract” -- a measure that put into place austerity measures on the civil service. The NDP broke labour agreements and shutdown the government with unpaid days because they didn’t have the money to pay them.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP are trying to say it’s not the same thing, but it is. The fact remains they are talking about billions in new spending. Just have a look at the NDP website: it’s set up as a shopping cart of incentives, you can surf around and select all the ones that you like the most, each costing more than the next.

The Liberals have tried to argue that they have taken us to a surplus in an election year, in a budget that was published without review. However, when the province’s Auditor General and Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office stepped in and reviewed the information, both issued reports that Ontario was actually going to be running a deficit. A huge deficit. By 2020-2021, the Liberal spending plan would increase our deficit to almost $400 billion.

We are in a horrible cycle. The NDP and Liberals keep promising the world for short term gain, all while the deficit builds and we rob ourselves of a tomorrow.

We need a change that can break the cycle. We need to stabilize Ontario and get back on a path toward prosperity today, and in the future.

I don’t want bondholders to dictate what services Ontario will or will not provide.

I want a government that will spend responsibly and reinvest surpluses into government programs while paying down our massive debt.

The Liberals have promised us a better tomorrow for the last 15 years, all while they spend more and more of our money. The government is suppose to maintain and manage how the tax dollars are spent in order to maximize their positive impact on our daily lives.

The government has failed miserably. There is no clearer example of this then in my campaign office, where volunteers come to rally in hopes of a better life -- volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life, and who have supported all parties. These are people who are tired of the mismanagement by a party that needlessly mortgages our future to buy votes.

The Liberals would love you to believe that they have made a significant investment in Kingston. They flaunt the amount -- $1 BILLION DOLLARS -- as if it’s a gift that they have generously handed over to you. The fact is that it’s your money. 

Before you vote, get involved. Know what your choice is for the future. Here are some illuminating and distressing facts:

  • The provincial debt is larger than the GDP of 75% of the world’s countries
  • Ontario has long topped rankings as the world’s largest sub-sovereign holder of debt
  • Ontario’s debt to GDP ratio is 37.1%. The NDP and Liberals say this is an investment, but it’s more like having a credit card debt of 37.1% of your earnings for the year -- and then not even trying to pay off that debt and instead adding to that debt each year.
  • Just the interest payments on our debt represent almost half of the education sector expenses and is the third line item for cost.
  • Ontario has more debt than the state of California, and California’s is the most indebted state in the US. Its economy is so large they would be ranked 7th on the G7 list (Canada would be 12th.)

The Liberals try to argue that the debt to GDP ratio is acceptable and totally normal. But by whose standards? Yours? Mine? I very much doubt that.

Image source: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/how-crushing-is-ontarios-312-billion-debt-really

And it doesn’t get better. While we’ve been warned about our debt and have had our rating change, it’s not enough to affect our interest payments. Yet…

The debt-rating agency Moody’s Investors Service has changed the outlook on Ontario’s ratings from “stable” to “negative” in the wake of the Liberal’s deficit announcement. Standard & Poor’s now rates Ontario as a single-A-plus. The only provinces that fare worse are Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, whose economies are far smaller. (Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4206444/ontario-election-provincial-deficit/)

No party has the perfect platform. Government is not a perfect process. However, unlike the Liberals or NDP, we have the proper direction. I will work tirelessly to find the answers and to get the budget under control. Not by reducing services, and not by letting people go, but by making our system more efficient and by not spending money we don’t have.

We’re inheriting a broken province, but since our determination is strong and our plan sound, we can fix it.

I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Hurricane Hazel. Hazel McCallion was the much loved Mayor of Mississauga for 36 years. You have never met a more fiery, passionate and outspoken politician.

Please Vote and Get Involved.

Your PC Candidate for Kingston and the Islands.