Gary Bennett reacts to Premier Wynne’s May 17th comments in the Kingston Whig Standard

Published on May 18, 2018

As a taxpayer and the Progressive Conservative candidate in this riding for the June 7 election, I was disappointed with Premier Wynne’s comments made here in Kingston during a campaign stop last Thursday.

The rosy picture the Premier painted of Ontario after 15 years of Liberal government by credit card is far from the reality of staggering debt, hallway medicine, hospital wait times, crumbling infrastructure and government incompetence and cooked books.

In her desperate re-election bid, Ms. Wynne continues to attack PC leader Doug Ford and make accusations she can’t substantiate.

Our party knows that there are efficiencies to be found in the bureaucracy the Liberals have created. The waste, excess and dubious bookkeeping flagged by the auditor general has created a debt that is costing Ontario taxpayers one billion dollars a month just to cover the interest payments.

Under a new Progressive Conservative government, the savings and increased productivity and growth due to cutting red tape, lowering taxes and providing a stable investment and job creation climate will enable us to improve and add to our essential social programs.

As someone who owns and operates a small business, I know the harm the Wynne government has imposed on this province and the hard working people of Ontario who are struggling to provide for their families and pay their bills.

As someone who has been involved in community programs and served in elected office over three decades ( two terms as Kingston mayor and two terms as Councillor), I understand the tough decisions that have to be made to provide responsible and respectful government.

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve canvassed thousands of homes and businesses all across this riding and the message is clear that people want change at Queen’s Park.

No amount of fear mongering by the Liberals or promises of “free” services and programs added to the staggering provincial debt is going to change that.

Gary Bennett
Progressive Conservative Candidate
Kingston and the Islands