Nine zeros. $1,000,000,000. One billion dollars. Pointing out that it's a lot of money would be an understatement, especially in a world where that much money could do so much good. And good is what most of us would do with a billion dollars.

Almost anyone with that amount of money would try to help others -- and of course, ourselves. After all, we’re strongest and we are strong together. With a billion dollars, we’d try to make the where we live, love and work a better place. As big of a sum as it is, it probably wouldn't take too long to decide what how we’d spend every dollar of that billion.

Of course, not many people ever have a billion dollars to spend. The people of Ontario, however, find themselves in a position to think about it. Ontario's Liberal government, lead by Kathleen Wynne, currently has taxpayers collectively paying a billion dollars of interest on Ontario's debt.

This isn't what they signed up for. 15 years ago, the Liberal government was voted into office to change many of the same problems they've created. Their imprudent and short-sighted spending is most glaring obvious in the energy sector.


  • The Green Energy Act, which took decisions on locating solar and wind farms out of municipal hands.
  • The gas plant fiascos, which cost $1.1 billion to cancel/move gas plants.
  • The inability to control hydro rates, then hiding the costs in future years’ cost increases.
  • The taking of taxpayers’ money to buy coal-fired utility in the U.S. to ‘export’ Wynne’s values; meanwhile dumping surplus electricity into other provinces and the U.S.
  • The bolstering of the proposed federal carbon tax,which will make it more expensive for you to drive and do nothing to help the environment.

It's Time For Change

These are not the actions of an accountable government, and millions of Ontarians agree: it’s time for change. First on the action-list: alleviate debt and decrease these crippling interest payments. Then do something good with the money. Make people’s lives better. This is what a respectful, responsible government is supposed to do.