Change begins with one small step. Change begins with you.

Voting day is approaching, and now, perhaps more than ever, Ontario needs your vote. For over a decade, the Liberal government has flagrantly misused their power and more recently, flaunted their mismanagement of funds in the faces of Ontarians. Perhaps nowhere is this misuse of funds and disregard for the taxpayer’s trust so apparent as in the energy sector, especially hydro, where prices continue to skyrocket, forcing families to choose between heating and eating.

Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government is a government that thinks it’s above reproach, and it's time it learns it’s not.

Get out and vote!

We’re the only ones who can change Ontario’s future -- and our own future’s-- for the better. Voting day is June 7, 2018. You can also cast your vote early, by special ballot.

Remember when Ontario was a have province, not a have not?

Many of us do, but if the Wynne’s Liberals stay in power, our children will never know what it's like to live in a comfortably prosperous province, with a responsible, respectful government.

Now's the time to take action.

Meet Gary Bennett

PC Candidate for MPP for Kingston and the Islands

As a two-term mayor of Kingston with two additional terms served in public office as a councillor, Gary Bennett has the experience and the collaborative style to bring forward workable solutions to the challenges we face in this riding.

Through his years in office and as a small-business owner, husband and father, Gary has seen first-hand how government decisions affect everyday people. This is why his policy centres around putting people, first. As a lifelong resident of Kingston, he also believes in not letting the province dictate what happens here (or any other part of the province). It’s time to stop waiting for the province to decide when it’s appropriate to give us back our own money.

Cast your vote, and make a change!